Norstar Truck Beds at Trailer Country

Norstar Truck Beds

Service Deck Bed

SD | Service Deck Bed

Our Service Bed offers multiple tool boxes and options for your on the go needs.

SR Diamond Plate

SR | Diamond Plate

Full tread-plate construction with rub rail and stake pockets for endless tie down options.

SL Service Body Bed

SL | Service Body Bed

The journeyman bed is a marriage between our two most popular beds, the SD and ST.

ST Skirted Bed

ST | Skirted Bed

Two standard toolboxes and the ability to add two more give this bed additional utility.

WH Western Hauler

WH | Western Hauler

This bed is the perfect companion to your tricked out stock rig.

AR Aluminum Flatbed

AR | Aluminum Flatbed

With our standard SR bed being one of our best sellers, it was inevitable that we would create an aluminum model of it.

SF Smooth Rails

SF | Smooth Rails

The SF model is a real workhorse with smooth outer side rails and concealed stake pockets.

SC Service Body Bed

SC | Service Body Bed

For the Tradesman - This bed can store all your jobs site tools and parts.

AT Aluminum Skirted

AT | Aluminum Skirted

For those who need a bit more storage than our standard aluminum flatbed, our AT skirted aluminum truck bed is built for you.

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